Breakfast on Terrorism

Bagels & Banter – Terrorism, Security & Society

Hosted by the Faculty of Public Affairs

Bagels & Banter is an opportunity to discuss shared research themes through informal conversation with faculty colleagues and graduate students in a relaxed setting, with the goal of hearing about each other’s work and possibly developing research collaborations.

The inaugural Bagels & Banter will be lead by Jez Littlewood (NPSIA) on the theme of “Terrorism, Security & Society.” If you are currently working on research related to this theme, or are generally interested in this topic, or just want to join in the conversation, please join us.   And please extend this invitation to any graduate students who share this research interest.   Among other things, we will be talking about funding opportunities with the Kanishka Project.

Date: Tues., Feb. 26, 2013, Time: 09:00 to 10:00

Place: Dean’s Board Room – Loeb D382


Topic Summary:

Terrorism affects states and societies in myriad ways.  Understanding the full impact of terrorism, political violence and counter-terrorism efforts on states and societies requires an interdisciplinary approach. From human rights issues, through law, criminology, infrastructure protection, designing physical security measures, linguistics and discourse analysis, public administration, journalism and communications, political science and international affairs, and economics and business, most academic disciplines offer significant (potential) inputs into understanding terrorism nationally and internationally.


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