Call for Papers: Asia in International Affairs

Asia in International Affairs: The Asian Century? Call for Papers

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs’ Student Association (NPSIA SA) invites the submission of abstracts for its inaugural Graduate Student Conference entitled “Asia in International Affairs”.

As the world approaches what some label the “Asian Century”, it is no surprise that scholars, policy-makers and politicians are rapidly shifting their focus towards the continent. In line with this, we are inviting submissions from interested graduate students in international affairs, political science, public policy and other relevant disciplines.

Papers presented at the conference are also invited to be included in a subsequent publication of the conference proceedings.

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: the rising relevance of India and China, the politics of demographics, human rights, ASEAN, environmental security, ethnic cooperation/conflict and economic integration.

Please submit your abstract (no longer than 300 words) in PDF form along with your name, institution, and department to by March 5th 2013. Those selected will be contacted by March 12th 2013.

For more information please an e-mail to

Abstracts deadline: March 5th, 2013

Conference dates: Saturday, March 23rd 2013

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