Call for Papers: Canadian Foreign Policy Journal

The Seven Year Itch: Canadian Foreign Policy Under the Harper Government, Looking Forward, Turning Back?

A lot has been written recently about the elemental changes the current government is taking in regards to transforming Canada’s approach to development, defence and diplomacy. The decision to fold CIDA into DFAIT, the establishment of an Office of Religious Freedom, the failure to secure a seat on the UN Security Council as well controversies surrounding  the purchase of the F35 stand out as examples of these changes. In terms of environmental policy and international law, the recent move to quietly pull out of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, making Canada the only country in the world to do so, mirrors the government’s 2011 decision to formally withdraw from the Kyoto protocol. At the same time the government has been persistent in its pursuit of free trade agreements, achieving success both bilaterally and regionally.

To what extent are these and other changes fundamental shifts in Canadian foreign policy? Are they more than just rebranding? What are the implications for Canada’s standing and its status as a Middle Power?  Is multilateralism still the reference point for understanding Canada’s engagement in the world?

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal invites original submissions for a special issue on Canadian Foreign Policy under the Harper Government. We invite thematic essays, policy commentaries, comparative studies, historical reviews and international law perspectives on development and foreign aid, trade, security, foreign policy and diplomacy, multilateralism and defence policy. We also invite papers evaluating  these changes with respect to foreign policy making processes, how new inputs have influenced policy making,  the changing role of parliament and civil society  in foreign policy, and the impact of  domestic  linkages in influencing Canada’s relations  with the  United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, the UN and other multilateral organizations.

Papers should be approximately 7 – 8,000 words in length, Review Essays 5,000 words, and Policy Commentaries 1,500 words.  Submissions will be subject to peer review and should be submitted by

September 15 2013 to

Instructions to authors can be found here:

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal is a fully peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published three times a year by the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) at Carleton University. Now in its 20the year of publication, CFPJ is Canada’s leading journal of international affairs. The Journal’s international advisory and editorial boards reflect diverse political, disciplinary and professional perspectives. Contributors are drawn from Canada and around the world. Essays are fully referenced, peer-reviewed, authoritative yet written for the specialist and non-specialist alike.  Its readers include government officials, academics, students of international affairs, journalists, NGOs, and the private sector.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the editorial team at

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