Call for Papers: Canadian Foreign Policy Journal

Sub-National Influences on Foreign Policy: the Canada-US Context

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal  in Partnership with Fulbright Canada is pleased to announce a  call for papers requesting submissions on the topic of  sub national influences on foreign policy in the Canada-US context. Whether it is issues related to the environment, the far North, energy  trade or security, sub-national processes,  actors and interests  are becoming increasingly important influences in shaping and defining Canada-US relations. Whereas the Canada and US politics  of the past  was largely the purview of states, now the politics of globalization and power diffusion highlight equally important    influences such as the foreign policy and lobbying activities of Quebec and Alberta in Washington, emerging  relations between provinces and states, and municipalities, the evolving roles of provinces and states in bilateral relations.

Sub-national influences  have now  become a  new front line in  strengthening Canada-US relations, creating  challenges and opportunities brought on by new trends and developments in how foreign policy is influenced and made. The challenges mostly take the  shape of the range of different actors and their impact on foreign policy outcomes. The opportunities are driven by increasingly confident  parastatal, regional,  local and provincial actors who shape these  policies. Examples include   the Keystone Pipeline, freshwater sharing, border security, Hydro Quebec, ideological organisations and the influence of NAFTA on sub national relations.

Submissions might answer one or more of these questions.

How does sub national diplomacy differ from state diplomacy in the Canada- US context?

What bureaucratic changes are being made to include subnational processes and actors in foreign policy making?

What makes sub national foreign policy successful?

What is the appropriate theoretical context for understanding subnational foreign policy?

What are the relevant cases for understanding the future of sub national factors in Canada US relations?

Is there a regional and international legal, economic and political context for understanding subnational influences in Noh America?

 To Submit a Paper

We are seeking comparative and policy perspectives from junior and senior scholars. Case studies and policy analyses are welcome. Papers can be written  from a  variety of disciplines including  history, law, politic science, sociology, economics and  geography. Proposals should be for a paper in the 5,000 to 7,000 word range. Interested applicants should send a short biography and a 250-word proposal to  by: May 30th 2013

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