Canadian Foreign Policy Journal special issue: Making Canada Relevant Again

Carleton Journal Examines Approaches to Improving Canada’s Diplomatic Role on the World Stage

Carleton’s David Carment, a professor at the Norman Paterson School of International affairs and editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (CFPJ) announces the release of a special issue on Making Canada Relevant Again: International Mediation in a Fragile World.

The focus of this special issue, co-edited with guest editor Evan Hoffman, director of the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation in Ottawa, is to highlight ways in which Canada can draw on successful examples of mediation and translate them into effective policy.

Canada has great potential as a mediator on the world stage,‰ said Carment. „That potential is not being properly realized by the current government. Being a good mediator in the world is not about choosing an ideological position in a black and white world. By looking at our past achievements, and current capacities and by drawing on lessons from European counterparts, it is clear there is far more we could be achieving.

Canada and the West are facing complex new security challenges that are not easily overcome through the use of force and conventional diplomacy,‰ said Hoffman. „With the right kind of investment, Canadian mediators have the potential to effectively and efficiently address these threats.

The Canadian Foreign Policy Journal is published by the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University and is now in its 20th year of publication.



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